HERRA-COR, S.A. company was founded in 1979. Originally dedicated to produce special tools and gauges buffer pass / fail for testing . New work areas and technologies were later incorporated into its facilities, covering precision-turning mechanization and conventional Mechanization fields in general, in a satisfactory way. 

The company owns a plant in Guadalajara (Herra-cor, S.A.) and another plant in Fuenlabrada(Decoletaje Rayju, S.L.). Both plants have a computerized network divided into different areas. In every area has a team with a high readiness degree, integrated into the quality and customer service philosophy

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The activity carried out by our company has positioned us in a leading privileged position within the precision-turning sector.

Herracor, GUADALAJARA 19180, Guadalajara.

C/Livorno, 58


Telf: (+34) 949 25 04 83

Fax: (+34) 949 25 04 81

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